Oh mother may I?


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Oh mother may I? I just saw Robbie Williams latest concert and OMG.

He is short, he is crude, he farts a lot and seems to have very little filter. Oddly these are some the things that endear him to the population. They piss people off as well.

Answering an audition at the tender age of fifteen for a singer in a band where only five people showed Robbie Williams walked into Take That. Gary Barlow was nominal lead and the rest of the boys followed the line. When troubled brewed from a base of drugs, alcohol and personality clashes, Robbie (with a bit of a shove) left the band. As he did Gary Barlow’s star soared.

Here is the thing though why could Gary Barlow not see what was is so patently obvious to others? The fact is that no matter whether he was challenging or not Robbie Williams is a juggernaut, born to fly. There is a power and passion to him that cannot be faked, cannot be changed, cannot be ignored and is rather difficult to control. He was supposed to fade quietly into the background, possibly OD and never to be heard from again. This appeared a likely scenario when he was peeled out of his hotel room with a nasty aversion to staying upright and leaving nothing in the mini bar of his hotel suite. George Michael’s Freedom was the target song. It was less than a good shoot and the cover was even less than amazing. After the death of this piece the recognition that rehab was a good option followed him and for a while it seemed that Gary Barlow would take the heights of career.


Robbie Williams is not the best singer in the world nor is he the best songwriter in the world. Some of his early (and dare I say latter) work would have left most singers gasping and challenged and the audience a little baffled. The fact is though he is a little package that is stuffed full of so much energy and talent it oozes out around the edges of his body. It flies free from time to time and he has had difficulty in controlling it it does shine on those that come with in his radiance. Love him or hate him there is no denying him. Neither is there really a possibility that he will fade quietly away into the shadows. The latent power is just to strong. This raw power is not easy to miss, it leaves his audience breathless even when he is breathing life into a song that shouldn’t work. It is a power that comes only every once a generation and it bears me in mind of Elton John.

He is a lion. Profound, amazing and roaring on stage. He has gone on to pen some of the most powerful songs of the last twenty years. I am continually awed by what he does. The fact that he is cute is also help. One of the things that works so well for him is a bare knuckled honesty and one that he undertakes with the full knowledge that due to the success he has achieved he can pretty much do what he wants. This has left him free to fart during a televised interview.

This honesty, farts and all, is one of the things that makes him all the more attractive. In an industry where life is a stage and the world it shines through from some one else’s reality, he sells his reality that is resonates with people and he flat out takes the reader on a magic carpet ride that is down right fun. It is also one that can be acutely uncomfortable.

With time and age forgiveness comes and it was heartening to see friendships mended with Gary Barlow and the rest of Take That with a rousing bromance that pays tribute to Brokeback Mountain.

So with the weight of experience behind him the pace of the concert was amazing and as an audience we got a front row seat (no matter where the seating is) to the changes that time have wrought on the Williams lad. It shows just how much he has traveled and grown into the roles life has given him now; a husband, as a new father and as a man instead of the boy from Take That who proclaims himself as England’s son. From this stand he engulfs the audience with the passion of his life and builds this world for us with his music and lyrics reflecting back to his audience how this affects his life. He touches the honesty that is inherent in his craft.

It is pure magic.

Good to have you back bud.


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Its about the story


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I will admit it freely and I do it with pride: I am a huge Twilight fan. I had a most entertaining evening yesterday; dinner with a lovely friend and then Breaking Dawn Part 1 in  the build up to the opening gambit of Breaking Dawn Part 2.  It was awesome; OMG slap your knees, knocking heads, agog with amazement AWESOME.

The hall mark of its greatness is it is the craftmanship of the story. I must digress for a minute; I am a currently in my second year of a Bachelor of Communications with a double major in Film Studies and Creative writing. It does lead to a quandary. The more I learn about both writing and about how film is produced results in the fact that watching film becomes an almost academic exercise as you study and learn its form. As a writer still in the throes of learning my craft (something that never stops) and learning how film is created and structured I am going from being a part of the audience to viewing the works with a much more critical eye rather from the point of pure entertainment value. My husband asks me how I can possibly have any kind of enjoyment from watching film now that I know how it is made. The answer is rather odd. I get enjoyment from deconstructing movies and television shows as well as books; love I love analyzing the story. Here I find more pleasure and insight into the mechanics of the story.

However this leads to a balance between academic knowledge and the language of the story. If the movie or television show blows it is a painful exercise for both myself and anyone else who happens to be in my radius while it is showing.  However more often than not the filmmaker gets it right and that there is the pay off for me; when it all comes together and explodes in a well choreographed structure of hook, exposition, narrative and story. This for me is almost orgasmic, hitting that tipping point and bringing it all together/ It has the power to transport the me and other members of the audience to a different point in time and transcend time and space. The audience looses itself in the story; they become connected intimately, showing something that is powerful and personal and due to that personal becomes profound.

It takes the skilled hands of an exceptional writer to achieve that with film today. There is a saying that you can make a good story crap but you can’t make a crap story good.

When I see the moments of it coming together is my payoff; it is what makes it all worthwhile for me.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 achieves this with a stunning result.

This is a difficult task in today’s movie climate of franchises. The books of movies such as The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Twilight and the soon to be Fifty Shades of Grey come to the movie audience with more than a good chance that most members of the audience know the story really, really well. They have possibly read them as much if not more than the author has done. Due to this the writer of the script and the are faced with a hard task. They need to balance off against the narrative of the story and the passion and the knowledge of the story that the audience brings to the theater. This has lead to the base line that these movies are scrutinized harder than most other movies due to how intensely personal they have become to many people. The stories become to the fans (Fan being a contraction of fanatic) and some are truly feral a part of their lives, something that has been a cornerstone in their lives.  It leaves the script writer in a sticky position of having to appease the masses whilst producing a story that will satisfy as well as entertain and use and honor  the words, the tension of good storytelling.

In Breaking Dawn Part 2  Melissa Rosenberg took possibly one of the most calculated and challenging risks of her career. She pulled it off beautifully and I got my pay dirt.

As a writing student and as a film student we learn to judge, measure and question the work that occurs in the dusty corridors of literature and film. We learn to understand about the story. Everything in movies and literature exist for the story, aided and abetted by the narrative. During the preceding four movies Melissa Rosenberg wrote edgy scripts that diverged little from the core of the books. For the audience they are happy to sit back and digest the sight of the words made real on the silver screen. The audience expected the familiar and she gave it to us.

In Breaking Dawn Part Two Melissa Rosenberg turns that on its ears with this last installment of the movie franchise.

She does this with stunning results. We get the warm cozy we are looking for, the snuggle up that we paid our money to go and see. Then BAM,  it turns on a pin and introduced a complete unknown, transporting the audience from a kernel of a thought of Bella’s in Eclipse into a full blown twist that left me breathless and rendered me speechless.

It is very simple, to achieve what she achieved with this movie took a leap of faith that could only be fueled by instinct, a profound understanding of the story leading to the writing of words that to create something new; it shook me to my foundation and blew the lid off the story.

Again this is my payoff. It is simply about the story and it is stunning.

The dynamics of Stephanie Myers passion and drive with her brood of children, four novels transformed  to five movies intersected with Melissa Rosenberg’s amazing facility with words.

With the passion and power that only a really good writer could deliver. Melissa Rosenberg has given us a gift that will be as immortal as the characters in the book. Stephanie Myers created history with her books and her story Melissa Rosenberg made history with the movies.

Only a person who has a deep and wonderful love of the story could achieve the resulting power of these movies. It took  keeping true to the characters and the premise played  in the book that honors the story like a crescendo of the passionate power of an operatic aria. This results in the fuel of emotion to deliver to the fans a gift of a some kind of wonderful and immortalizes the books and movies in the history of our culture. For me it demonstrates so very powerfully that it is about the story, nothing more and nothing less and for me it is profoundly inspiring.